A Waterfall Elopement....

On a rainy morning here in the Pacific Northwest, couple Molly and Micheal along with photographer D. Albrecht hiked (and climbed) out to this stunning location full of waterfalls, ferns, moss and stones. 

Molly wearing my Stella Gown and a delicate floral crown by Floral Designs by Alicia, found a quiet, intimate spot to exchange vows with Micheal and Diana captured every moment with such an ease and grace. I love how the colors and darkness of the forest is captured along with the spots of light and water coming through.

Featured in Festival Brides Wedding Blog - http://festivalbrides.co.uk/the-intimacy-of-love-a-bohemian-waterfall-wedding-elopement/

And D. Albrecht Photography Blog - http://www.dalbrechtphotography.com/blog/2017/2/16/molly-michael-portland-elopement-photographer

Photographer - D. Albrecht

Gown - Stella Gown by yours truly

Florals - Floral Designs by Alicia

Hair and Makeup - Ilona K

Jewelry - Anthropologie

An Engagement Session.....

"You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you....

..Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls....

...Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. ... 

...Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts...

...And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow."

- K. Gibran on Love

Photography by Christa Taylor

@christataylorphoto  www.christataylor.com

Featuring my Baroque Tulle Skirt in Black and Lace Bustier in black with hand cut gold florals

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"You, Therefore"...... A Wedding at Maysara Vineyards


" You are like me, you will die too, but not today:   

you, incommensurate, therefore the hours shine:   

if I say to you “To you I say,” you have not been   

set to music, or broadcast live on the ghost   

radio, may never be an oil painting or 

Old Master’s charcoal sketch: you are.... 

...a concordance of person, number, voice, 

and place, strawberries spread through your name   

as if it were budding shrubs, how you remind me   

of some spring, the waters as cool and clear... 

...(late rain clings to your leaves, shaken by light wind),   

which is where you occur in grassy moonlight:   

and you are a lily, an aster, white trillium 

or viburnum, by all rights mine, white star...   

...in the meadow sky, the snow still arriving 

from its earthwards journeys, here where there is   

no snow (I dreamed the snow was you, 

when there was snow), you are my right,... 

...have come to be my night (your body takes on   

the dimensions of sleep, the shape of sleep   

becomes you): and you fall from the sky... 

...with several flowers, words spill from your mouth 

in waves, your lips taste like the sea, salt-sweet (trees   

and seas have flown away, I call it 

loving you): home is nowhere, therefore you,   

a kind of dwell and welcome, song after all,   

and free of any eden we can name. "      - Reginald Shepherd

Full feature up on Ruffled Wedding Blog - http://ruffledblog.com/italian-winery-wedding-inspiration/

Featuring my Gardenia Skirt with the white Petal Bustier

























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A Modern Fairy Tale Wedding

Today this dreamy elopement is up on Artfully Wed.... featuring my Willow Gown, an incredible wedding arch by Pistils & Stamen and lovingly shot by Marcela Pulido.... I'm in Love :)


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2016 Committed Bridal Show


Last month I participated in the Committed Bridal Show in downtown Portland. It was another fun event and had the chance to meet some lovely brides, catch up with local vendors and meet some new ones as well as feature some new additions to my collection!

This year has been quiet a busy one with so many incredible shoots and some new features on Ruffled (http://ruffledblog.com/italian-winery-wedding-inspiration/), Rustic Wedding Chic (https://rusticweddingchic.com/rustic-modern-wedding-inspiration), and a new one soon to be featured in Junebug Weddings! Plus a few more secret ones ;) My work has gotten ahead of me and this last bridal show I finally was able to show some new gowns added to my collection.


Here we have the newly designed Calla Lilly Gown. This new dress is actually a redesign because I love the fabric so much, but thought it needed a new modern twist. It's still cut in a vintage sheath shape, but the back has been redesigned along with the bottom and it has sleeves! I think gowns with fitted mid-length sleeves are so beautiful on any shape. I also added french lace beading that you can't quite see here, but it adds the vintage touch I love to do. 

The next dress (also shown above) is inspired by my family's swedish heritage (technically my husband's family) as well as me wanting to address my needs and friends - we want a dress we can wear with boots and scarves, and then dress it up for special events or date nights with heels and tights. So I designed Agnes, a grey lace dress, that slips over head with a little stretch to it that can be worn in any occasion.

Next is the Aanya dress..... I've been reading several books lately by an Indian author named Ahmitav Ghosh (he's become one of my favorite authors) and I found as I was wrapping layers of this green chiffon that his words have deeply inspired me. Thus I wanted to create a modern twist on a sari that can be worn for any special occasion, bridesmaid or reception. Plus it's green, and if you can find a good color of green, it's my favorite!

Inspired by wanting to incorporate more blush tones, because let's face it, they enhance any skin tone, is the little Fluer froc. This delicate dress is a simple but romantic cocktail dress with a little sparkle that I think is perfect for the holidays and will be featured in an amazing magazine this spring!

The next two were inspired by their fabrics, both floral, both fun for any occassion. First is the Dark Floral Pencil Dress and Second is the Bela dress, an effortless piece that is so comfy and cute!


The last one I want to mention is the Luna Gown. This hands down is one of my favorite gown's I've ever made. It's a mermaid cut dress made of taupe silk and covered with an embroidered silver lace and a organza sheer skirt.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving and thank you for taking a look through this post. I hope to show even better details of these gowns and dresses soon. Plus, if any of them look interesting to you and you must have one, send me and email and we'll get one made for you!

Happy Dia De Los Muertos....

On Novmber 1st was Dia De Los Muertos. I may be a few days late, but still wanted to share this fun shoot we did to celebrate this holiday.

 "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die...."

                            - Thomas Campbell, Hallowed Ground

This holiday is about celebrating those who have come before you and who no longer walk on this earth, not candy or pumpkins or skeletons, but a celebration of life and thus the death that follows us all.

First off, this shoot was one of the most beautiful I have ever worked on. Pilar from Vintage Mingle styled this shoot and created the most stunning, detailed and thoughtful altar I have ever seen.  Filled with marigolds, memories, quotes, food, and candles, this piece was the highlight of the event.

Along with the stunning altar, the dessert table created by Rosy Cakes of Portland and Mint & Mirth was delicious and a perfect pairing to this scene.

Above, Conchas by Rosy Cakes and her dreamy gold patterned cake.

Mint & Mirth's Horchata Cocktail

Now for dresses and more lovely details....

The bride is wearing my Inez Gown, a silk embroidered dress with large sun florets on it with a hand painted embroidered sash.

On the Groom.... Bad Wold Clothier of Portland is an excpetional duo who creates custom tailored pieces for men. They traditionally create suits, but for this shoot they chose a few of their 1960's inspired pieces.

Two other artists who made this shoot as fabulous as it was, are Bramble Floral Design who created the wedding bouquet and all of the greenery on the table and altar and all of the Jewelry was donated by Wink PDX - they have some amazing work and I highly reccomend them.

For the Reception look, our lovely bride Christina changed into my Dark Champagne Gown for some added loveliness...


Photography by Beth Olson Creative @twistedaisleweddings

Styling and Details by Pilar Llo @vintagemingle

Gowns and Bridal Styling by Allison Johansen of Isa @isa_allison

Menswear by Bad Wolf Clothier @badwolfclothier

Florals by Bramble Floral Design @bramblefloral

Cakes and Desserts by Rosy Cakes @rosybakescakes

MUAH by Ashley Sleeman @mrsashslee

Cocktails by Mint & Mirth @mintandmirth


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A Dark and Stormy Shoot

Every year when the weather starts to turn and our days start getting shorter, I love to do a moody dark themed shoot to celebrate the changing of these seasons.

This year I was fortunate to participate in this shoot at The Colony in St. Johns where we colaborated to create these moody looks. 

I love the tones and pieces collected by Power of Love Rentals. Between the brass candleabras and deep red candles with pops of gold and all the deep tones of green are inspiring for this look.

One of my favorite pieces of this shoot were these ink blot invitations by Victoria Adams Bordelon. The colors are vibrant, yet not too busy which enhances the simplicity for a more delicate look.

The Bride, lovely Nikita, is wearing my black Lace Bustier (which can come in any color by the way) with gold floral appliques which were made specifically for this look and my Baroque Tulle Skirt in black which created a mix of the strong black paired with all of the delicate layers of tulle for the skirt. It's a playful look but can be done in any color if you're a bride who does not want black, but loves the mixture of textures. 

She's wearing one of my favorite jewelry designers here in town, Luma Fina. She creates such interesting pieces that I haven't seen before, I highly reccommend her work. Her lovely crown is by Esther Jean Designs.

Don't these look so yummy! This shoot was actually styled by this baker, Just A Dash, and she baked these lovelies above just for this shoot, along with the cake.

A big thank you to all who participated in this as well as Glamour & Grace Wedding Blog for featuring it. For more photos go to http://www.glamourandgraceblog.com/2016/dark-moody-fall-wedding-inspiration/


Open House!

We are finally down an open house at my studio! If you're engaged or not, we'd love to see you there.  There will be drinks and light treats and you'll get a chance to see what a working studio looks like. 

Thursday, July 7th at the "Luluville Workshop" at 1339 SE Morrison St. Portland, Or

from 7 - 9 pm

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A Leather & Lace Shoot....featured on Artfully Wed


Last fall I had the opportunity to work with a few fabulous local artists to create this sleek, James Bond meets Downton Abbey meets the NW. 

Filled with Dark Florals, Grey toned Gowns and lots of silver this shoot was a dream to be a part of. This shoot features two gowns from my new bridal collection, the Ingrid Gown and the Stella Gown.

Floral Work by Bramble Floral Design; Table Wear and Accessories by Vintage Mingle; Hair by Katerina Tsirimiagos; MUA by Julie Lampros; Desserts by Rosy Cakes; and Photogrpahy by Jenna Saint Martin Photo. Here are some more of my favorite shots.

The Ingrid gown....

How dreamy is this scene! I love how Jenna was able to capture the rain falling between the forest and the table scene....

The Stella gown.....

More photos and write up at http://www.artfullywed.com/wedding-inspiration/wedding-styles/leather-and-lace-elegant-rebel-wedding-inspiration/

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