2013 Committed Event.....Whew!

committed event14.jpg

If you have read my short bio, I mentioned this is a slightly new project for me - wedding gowns and all. But I don't think I said how new, it's really new, as in the 2013 Committed Event in October was the first time I have shared my new bridal collection with people. 

It's always unnerving after working on pieces, any work whether it be a song, writing or painting even, for so long and you get wrapped up in your head and I don't think you can fully "see" your work any longer. I had worked on these dresses the past year, and while I liked them, some more than others, I had no idea if I had created something relevant and lovely..... or had a near miss. 

As a pulled my garments into the dressing room I thought possibly, this could be a near miss. As I am just starting, I don't have fancy garment bags with my name on them, or tons of dresses. And to be honest, my dresses on the rack don't fully speak until they are put on. They're not bad, but they don't necessarily yell at your attention as you walk by. 

Soon enough all of the models were dressed and ready for the first show - Bridesmaid Wear.

I snuck into the audience to watch and hear the candid thoughts of what people had to say about my work. And this may sound strange, but I truly do like to know what people think, even if it's not praise. I try not to hold my work too closely to my heart, so that it's overly painful when someone dislikes it. And I have heard some very helpful criticism in the past the enables your work verses disabling it. So stepping into the crowd was both exciting and somewhat terrifying at the same time. 

committed event2.jpg

Aaanndd....the first show went well, the crowd overall was somewhat small and not over excited about anyone, not too much negative, but not too much positive either. Of course I can't blame them as there is the long running joke about being an ugly bridesmaid, so I'm sure most people thought it might not be worth checking out. And, I was also way more excited (and scared) to show the wedding gowns.

The wedding gowns is truly where most of my work has gone into and what I feel the most passionate about. You get to create stunning pieces for women to make them feel their most beautiful and encouraged. The day where they are surrounded by those that love them to embark on quite an incredible journey, so the dress should be an example of this, to highlight and enhance, but not to distract.

After getting my lovely models changed, including the head pieces and then to have the fabulous Mandalena Jewelry come and outfit the looks even more with incredible work, I again stepped into the much fuller crowd to hear the thoughts...... 

And it went great!!! At first there was just some murmering, but it got louder and there was a ton of applause during the walk through at the end of the line. It was so much fun to here people's "aaggh!" when different dresses came out. I was so relieved and excited to see how well people reacted to the gowns and all the models were beautiful and flaunted the clothing perfectly. It was a blast talking to the brides in the crowd after and I quickly learned how much fun these events are.

Here are some of the photos of my work and some lovelies from around the event.....