What She Said


Hi Ladies,

I read a sweet article this morning and fully agree. When planning your wedding, it seems every person you mention it to has their own opinion of what you should do. After going through this myself two years ago, I was overwhelmed by all of the "considerations"  I should think about. 

I had a beautiful idea of what I wanted to do but was told that wasn't "in style anymore" or people would look at you strangely. Well, we ended up pulling it off, maybe not entirely how I dreamed, but close and full of my husband and I's personal touches. The responses following the wedding and reception were full of happy tears and comments of "That was the most original, heart felt wedding I've been to in years". No one had anything negative to say and the parts that were most alarming to some (we couldn't afford to pay for everyone's dinner so we had a select group of people bring harvest themed foods in a potluck style), became the most loved and memorable. 

Here's another article reiterating this that I found inspiring and I hope you do too.


The take away - brides and grooms, even if it sounds crazy or not in style, if you can pull it off, it will be YOU and it will be memorable and loving. 

Posted on October 31, 2014 .