A New Year.....


It is almost a new year and I could not be more grateful to all of you who have provided encouragement, supported me with your words or time, and who have asked for gowns and other lovelies. To be able to create works of art for a living is one of the most expansive blessings I have ever received, and I hope to bless everyone who has and will be a part of this wonderful process.

Because of all of your support and interest, Isa has doubled in size in just one year. I am now needing to expand and bring on helpers. This has been exciting and scary, sometimes overwhelming and I am overjoyed at it all at once. 

To all of you who have made this dream possible.... Blessings to you all and I wish you a fufilling and exciting journey into this year to come.

Much love and appreciation, Allison....aka Isa