It's Another Event....

I am getting ready to do my second event and looking forward again to showing 3 new gowns that have yet to be photographed or seen by anyone besides my lovely studio mate. 

It's Luxe's Bridal Event and here are a few of my inspirations for this show....

As usual, it has mostly to do with nature. If you do not know my work, you will probably start to notice a recurring theme - plants. And lately, these lovely grass plumes have been a favorite.

cortaderia white grass .jpeg

Another is color.... It's winter, yet close to spring and then again most weddings are in the summer. That being said, what is in season right now? If you're planning a winter wedding, many flowers are unavailable. I have tried for this show, to choose some colors and plants that are elegant and striking that are accessible during this season, but I think they beautifully match the new gowns. 


Eucalyptus....mind you, these are terrible photos, and I took them quickly really just to reference the specific plant I wanted to order, But, they make amazing wedding plants! 

These are amazing plants and extremely versatile. You can order them, decently ahead of time and when they are fresh, mold them to a shape you would like (they can't do crazy stuff, but can if you put them into a wire frame). My plan is to make head pieces for myself and each of my models, so look for us at the event with this dark brown eucalyptus in different ways in our hair.

For the Gowns.....

I have been told that my style is quite vintage and bohemian. I take this as a compliment, however, for those of you brides who would prefer a more modern piece, I have designed 2 new pieces that are quite modern, especially one. Technically there are 3 new gowns, but one is modern with a 1920's bias twist at the bottom.

The first is inspired by flowers and movement. I hope I get this done!! I have been working on it for awhile, but it is 100% couture gown (which means handmade) and is a lot of work to finish. The next is a skirt and top. Simple, yes, but elegant, effortless and weightless. If you want to be the bride who's dress flows in any breeze and moves around you as you walk, this is it. The third is of lace. I found this amazing lace a month ago and fell in love. I actually bought it to make a dress of myself, but after working with it, it had to become a gown. It is made of only 2 cuts of fabric and has no zippers or buttons. Yet, has some chain detail :)   I will not give too much away, because I want you all to come to the event, but here are a few teasers: 

Ps.... if you are interested in getting a gown from me, email me and I can help get you into this event, on me :)

Posted on February 17, 2014 .