Our Studio....


We have a new space! Well, technically it's our first space and quite exciting and a bit quirky.

It sits in this tiny loft studio on East 18th and Burnside. Isa shares the space with Bramble Floral Design (www.bramblefloraldesign.com). I love plants but realized I can't make both dresses and be a florist at the same time, too much work. And I thought, what better way to look at gowns and be inspired than being surrounded by flowers and plants!? So here we are, Bramble and Isa. And to add to it, both of our names are Allison, which is always funny when someone stops by.

flower lamp.jpg

We've nick-named our studio the "tree house". The retail part of the space has the gowns, a small dressing room, a small seat and lovely marble table, as well as this fabulous lamp (above) hanging above. 

However, the other side of the space is our work space. And the windows are on the floor, which is strange but it works, thus the nick name evolved since it feels like you're hiding above others as they walk by, just like you did as a child hiding in your fort.


Here are a few more photos of our quirky little space....

cotton and candle best.jpg

Cotton branches in our sitting area

Branch Light.jpg

Lighting over our work table

hanging branch1.jpg

Someday, I will have this hanging with lights......

outdoor pots4.jpg

Planters outside

table and cotton2.jpg
Posted on February 18, 2014 .