Inspiration from the Show....

From one of Luxe's Tables and by Blum Floral Design, Photo by Adam Trujillo

From one of Luxe's Tables and by Blum Floral Design, Photo by Adam Trujillo

As I was saying before, I met some really fantastic wedding vendors and creatives at this show as well as got lots of inspiration, Here are a few of my favorites......

Bramble Floral Design

Bramble Floral Design

Of course, my incredible studio mate, Allison Schreck who owns Bramble Floral Design, always blows my mind with flowers and new ways of using other vegetation to create a look.  I loved all of the logs she used, the dark brass holders and the varieties of plants...


And then the lovely Kim from Swoon, I also always Love her work....


Tracy Amos from Classic Vintage Rentals....If you want to get an incredible couch for your event or have a beautiful, dark wood farm table to use, she is your person.

She Supplied all of the couches and some of the other displays at Luxe this year, and I wanted to take all of them home. And she's such a fun and energetic person to talk to. 

classic vintagge rental1.jpg

One of my new favorite things to do at weddings...A photobooth! and Happymatic's is such a blast to use and the photos come out great each time, as well as not being too confusing.


And she has great props!


Finally, some lovely table inspirations by Luxe Productions.....

luxe booth by barclay1.jpg

I love these sequin table cloths! Especially this one because of the texture of lines. Super classy and looks great with the glassware. 

luxe booth by luxe1.jpg

Yes, more sequins! But I love the delicate flowers on the plate and then the chargers to incorporate them both. 

luxe booth by luxe4.jpg

What a fabulous way to give dessert! Instead of doing a dessert table, you create this elegant table setting and each person can eat it when they're ready. I feel like I've lost out on dessert at a few weddings due to being a slow eater and then of course if there's dancing involved I always get there too late, so this really excites me. And the colors....

napkin detail.jpg

This is an extra detail, but super cute.

And, soon to come, one of my favorites is Erika Nicole Photogrpahy! 

She has such a great eye for settings and placed all of us multiple times in positions for photos. She would be really great to work with for a wedding as it's hard if you're not a model to know what to do and how to pose for great photos, and Erika does this with such ease and poise that working with her would be relaxing as well as getting some beautiful shots.

Here are Links to all the wonderful peoples sites as well as Adam's, the photographer for these photos:

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