A Summer of Brides & Custom Gowns.....

This past summer I had such a collection of beautiful women whom I was bale to design for. 

One of my favorites was Tess, who was married in Germany in an old castle. 

She loved the Ingrid gown, but wanted something unique. She loves the outdoors and wanted a very simple, yet incredibly elegant gown to match the feeling of the castle. So I added some extra layers of silk, in multiple grey tones and cut hand made petals to delicately wrap around the bodice creating a gentle, yet ethereal wedding gown suited just to Tess.

One of my other favorite brides was Jessica. She was getting married on the beach and wanted a gown that was elegant, but simple and full of lace... 

Jessica fell in love with the Lillac Gown, and the Isadora. She loved the lace of the Lillac and back, but the top of the Isadora.

Using these inspirations, I found a light weight lace that would flow in the wind, that was a beautiful cream color to compliment her skin and the built in bustier for support.