Custom Work

I love doing custom work for brides or clients. While I enjoy creating my own designs, it's exciting to create

 a piece tailored to a brides specific wants. As this is done on a one-on-one basis, below I have a general outline for what can be done, but if you have any questions, please email.


Custom Gowns

All of the gowns for sale can be "tweaked" or adjusted to make them suit you better. Say you love two different gowns, I can redesign one for you with the specific details you'd like. Color and Fabric can be changed as well for any gown. I can also add options (floral petals, detail work, crystals, lace, etc...) to create a unique look tailored to you.

To do this, send an email to and I will get back to you to set an appointment to meet and we can go over in person the details of your dream gown. If you live out of states, send me an email and we will go from there. For examples of gowns, look on my blog under "A Summer of Brides and Custom Gowns" or send an email and I'll send you some examples and what was changed.

( Above - Customized Ingrid gown using extra layers of silk and hand-cut silk petals wrapping around the dress)


Custom Head Pieces and Sashes

Custom Head Pieces and Sashes can come in any way you would like. We'll sit down together (or over email) and design a piece (or multiple) to fit you, your dress and style for your wedding. This can include silks, real flowers, made florals, crystals or vintage found pieces. If you already have your gown, but want something unique, or if you have extra material from your gown that you want used, or even a family heirloom that you want worked into your look.  For examples, every head piece or sash featured on this site (besides 1-2 floral crowns) were custom made by me for the look I was styling or featuring.

Send an email to to request this.

(Above - Nicole had extra material from her gown and wanted a vintage piece included; I found a beautiful silk embroidered piece and added detailing from her dress to create her custom head piece.) 

Bridal Styling

This is the finishing touch.

If you'd like an addition to your gown (does not have to be through Isa), or help with your bridal or event attire. We work together to create a cohesive, styled Look.

Taking in the season, your style, desired theme, colors, etc.. We create an overall look for your big day. Hair decor and Accessories, Additions to gowns or tops, overall styling of jewelry, hair or accessories. 

Prices may vary depending on material and time. Please email with any questions at