Welcome to Isa.....

Planning a wedding is a joyous occasion, but can so easily become stressful and all in all, is a lot of work. At Isa, we slow down a little bit, take a breath and enjoy this special occasion of choosing a wedding gown.

    Every client is treated to a one-on-one meeting with the designer, a sip of bubbly or tea, and we sit down to discuss your personal tastes and desires for your wedding day. We highly encourage close friends and family to join in. We try hard to make this a memorable experience and value this intimacy that is created during this exciting time.

Every Gown is custom made here in Portland, Oregon; using the finest quality fabrics, some of the best tailors and seamstresses and each piece finished and worked on by the designer herself. 



2016 Bridal Collection

This collection is available in my studio to try on and purchase. Colors can be changed and I will work with you individually to find the right fabrics. Every gown was designed and made with that in mind, so as you peruse this website or come into the shop, please keep that in mind. Currently, the gowns are just being photographed and will be released shortly online, so for a sneak peak or to order now, please come and visit!


Previous Collections

These gowns and other items are still for sale and can be ordered online or through the store but they may not be available to try on. Like the current collection, colors may be ordered to taste and I will work with you individually to find the right laces or custom fabrics. 


Head Pieces and Sashes

I will have a rotating collection of one of a kind head-pieces and sashes using vintage found items, current lovelies I discover and florals as well. All of these items are one of a kind and may not be duplicated. I do take custom orders on these.... if you have a specific piece you'd like or want one designed for you, please email me and we can either make a time to meet or if you live outside of the Portland area, I can easily work with you through online.