Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

Makeup Tutorials for Hooded Eyes

The eyes are being called hooded eyes when there is a cleavage, appearing between the brow bone and the eye. It’s only a slight muscle cleavage. Trust us, you look very pretty on it. However, if you are not satisfied with it, here is the Makeup Tutorial for Hooded Eyes. Whether you are a make-up artist or doing it for yourself, don’t worry, just Apply Eye Make up for the Hooded Eyes mentioned here. You’ll be more pretty in this. Let’s see.


Putting color on the eyebrows is a great way to make your eye attractive. Often makeup artists make the mistake of pulling the brow down. That’s not necessary, rather try to elongate the brow. Use color at the corner and try to do it with small strokes. Highlight your brow bone with an eye highlighter.

Eye Shadows

Eyeshadows for Hooded Eyes must be done properly. Often everyone makes a mistake by applying shimmer eyeshadows. However, these will prominent the hood which you want to ignore. So use matte shadows which will elongate your eye shadows. You can also use dust on inner brow areas.


Blending is related to step adding eyeshadow. How? Because blending is one kind of finishing of it. While adding eye shadows, apply to blend along with it. It makes your look more natural with fluency.

Eye Liner

Eyeliner is important for hooded eyes. Take a black or brown or golden eyeliner and mark it around your eye rims. There is no need to add too much eyeliner to your eyes. Do small steps. Don’t go for a thick border, a light thin border is enough.



Add mascara to your eyes. Add both on the upper and lower eyelashes. You can glow up the eyes by applying it from the root to wiggle.


You can add long lashes for your eyes but remember long lashes can destroy your fine look of the eyes. I’m a simple word, long lashes will be Dominant over any other makeup. So, don’t do it. Apply lashes with small steps and match the color with your eyebrows.

Eyes are the window of the soul. Whether you have hooded eyes or not, doesn’t matter at all in the end. Your kindness will be reflected through your eyes. However, if you insist on looking like the most pretty woman in the world, these tips are more than enough.